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From the desk of: Alvin Huang & Winter Vee
Date: 5 Oct 2022

Alvin & Winter here, Firstly thank you for checking out our JV invitation. =)

Firstly thank you for your constant support of our various products on clickbank. We have recently teamed up to come out with a product called "The Millionaire's Brain" which is an actual showcase of Winter's life and how he managed to overcome multiple obstacles and to actually make over $1 million dollars in less than 10 months.

" What Is The Millionaire's Brain? "

"The Millionaire's Brain" which is an actual showcase of Winter's life and how he managed to overcome multiple obstacles and to actually make over $1 million dollars in less than 10 months. It is no small feat and we believe that alot of people would benefit from the special techniques that he used to turn his whole life around. And we hope to have your support to getting this product into more hands.

" What Is In It For You? "

We'd like to share with you 6 compelling reasons why you'll want to promote The Millionaire's Brain.

Reason #1 - Earn Up To $294.58 In Commissions

We'll be using clickbank to manage our affiliate program for this launch. And you'll get 50% commissions throughout the entire funnel lineup.

Frontend Product (The Millionaire's Brain) - $47

Upsell 1 HyperWealth DNA Physical Homestudy - $297

Upsell 2 CopyPasteWealth - $197

Upsell 3 IQ Jumping - $97

You can expect to bank a maximum of $294.58 per sale!

If you've promoted any of our self improvement offers before, you know that we test extensively and have always provided one of the highest EPCs (earnings per click) in the self improvement industry. Our Miracle Cure and Pure Reiki Healing Mastery products on clickbank are just 2 examples of high quality products that convert really well.

These exact layout and price points were tested to maximize conversions and profits for you. So you can be sure to earn some juicy affiliate commissions just by sending traffic. =)

Reason #2 - $40,000 Worth Up Of Prizes For Grabs!

Apart from your lucrative commissions, we'll be throwing in attractive prizes during both the leads contest and sales contest period.

Finish amongst our top 10 for sales and you are GUARANTEED strong support back for promoting your products. =)

Yes that's right, the first JV partner to bag 100 frontend sales will get an extra bonus $1000 cold hard cash paypal-ed over. So mail early and mail hard. =)

Reason #3 - We re-cookie your affiliate links

We're using to handle transactions for this launch, this also ensures that you'll receive your commission promptly.

When you promote, your clickbank affiliate ID will be embedded into our autoresponder messages permanently. So even if your prospect doesn't purchase our package immediately, we'll capture their data to follow up with them on your behalf!

To make it easy to understand, let us give an example here.

Let's say John was referred by you to subscribe to our notification list. 2 days later, we send out a promotional email to John to take up the The Millionaire's Brain Program.

In a normal scenario, you will not get credited for the affiliate commission once John cleared his cookies. But NOT IN OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM. When we email out, our technology will make sure that the email that John gets is with YOUR AFFILIATE LINK - so regardless of whether he cleared his cookies or not, it doesn't matter because he'll be cookied again with your affiliate link!

In a nutshell, if we promote The Millionaire's Brain to John at anytime, you WILL EARN COMMISSIONS when he signs up. Total hands-off at your end...

Reason #4 - Amazing Value Provided

It's frankly an amazing offer. The amount of work and quality that Winter and I have put into getting the product ready is just crazy. Your subscribers will love you for promoting this offer. Do drop us a buzz if you need a review copy.

In addition, we've lots of social proof and testimonials to back up the entire program. The only reminding thing we need to make it a big success is your support.

All you need is to press "send" on your computer

Reason #5 - Send for us, We'll send for you.

You scratch our backs, we'll scratch yours. If you have a product that is a good fit for our self improvement/law of attraction email list, something of real value. We would like to reciprocate a promotion for you some time in the next 12 months. (All list sizes).

We're regularly on the top leaderboards for launches.

So just commit fully to our launch, and we'll be more than willing to send you some heavy traffic for your next launch with our list of over 500,000!

Reason #6 - You only have to press send

We will be providing EVERYTHING for you including a complete launch schedule, email swipe files & incredible free content.

Just press send on your email list and we'll make sure big fat commission cheques come your way. =)


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Looking forward to seeing you onboard,

Alvin & Winter
The Millionaire's Brain Team